The Benefits Of Wet Corn Milling

If you are in the corn milling business and looking to buy new equipment, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether to buy wet or dry corn milling equipment. Both types of equipment end up providing you with milled corn, which can then be used for things like cornmeal. However, the process used to make the milled corn varies based on the equipment used. There are benefits to both types of milling options. Learning the benefits associated with each option will help you make an educated decision as to which type of corn milling equipment is ideal for your need. Here are a few of the benefits associated with wet corn milling. 

You Diversify What You Make

One of the major benefits associated with wet corn milling is that you are able to make a variety of different products. When you use a wet milling process, you are able to make starch, gluten feed, gluten meal, and corn oil. When you select a dry method, you typically are able to produce only starch and gluten meal products from the corn. Being able to produce more products helps to improve your revenue and reduce your reliance on only one or two products, helping you to diversify what you sell. 

Less of the Corn Goes to Waste

Another benefit associated with wet corn milling is that there is less corn waste. Because various products can be made with a wet corn milling machine, less of the corn you bring in goes to waste. Reducing waste helps you to improve your profits and your bottom line. If you are looking to make use of all of the corn you buy, wet corn milling is a better option for you. 

Reduces Dust in the Air

The last benefit associated with wet corn milling is that it reduces the amount of dust and particles floating around in the air. Before the corn is broken down, it is saturated in water. Think about it like dirt. When dirt is dry, it will blow if a car drives over it, kicking up dust. But if it is wet, that dust will stay put. The same is true with corn. This makes the air in the warehouse or factory corn is being milled in cleaner to breathe for you and your employees. 

Deciding whether to purchase dry corn milling equipment or wet corn milling equipment has a huge effect on your business. It affects how much you spend on the equipment and what you stand to make by milling corn. Taking the time to learn the benefits of both options allows you to determine which one is a better fit for your needs and business.

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