3 Reasons To Have Your Rehearsal Dinner At A Buffet

Planning a wedding can be both costly and stressful. If you are trying to determine where to host your rehearsal dinner, you may want to consider the benefits a buffet-style restaurant can offer.

Here are three reasons why hosting your wedding rehearsal dinner at a buffet might be beneficial.

1. Eating at a buffet reduces the amount of time required to complete your rehearsal dinner.

When it comes to executing a wedding, time is valuable. Since most rehearsal dinners take place the night before the wedding, you won't want to waste a lot of time waiting for your food to be prepared. With the average size of a wedding party weighing in at 12 individuals, the amount of time it could take for ordering and food preparation alone could be significant.

By opting to host your rehearsal dinner at a buffet-style restaurant instead, you give your guests immediate access to food. This reduces the amount of time required to complete the dinner, and ensures that you will be home in time to get adequate rest for your big day.

2. Your guests get access to a variety of options.

Selecting one option from a menu can feel limiting for some people. Since a buffet is known for its ability to offer many different options, you can ensure that your guests will be able to get exactly what they want to eat.

Hosting your rehearsal dinner at a buffet also gives your guests the opportunity to sample many different dishes without running up the cost of the bill. This variety makes it easy for guests with differing likes and dislikes to find an option that will satisfy their appetite, which can reduce the amount of stress you feel when planning your wedding activities.

3. Budgeting is much easier when paying for a buffet.

The average cost of a wedding in Canada was $32,358 in the year 2013. With many couples trying to stay within a strict budget, opting to host your rehearsal dinner at a buffet-style restaurant will make it easier for you to plan the total cost of the meal.

When eating at a buffet each diner pays a single price, no matter how many plates of food they consume. Being able to have a set price-per-person will make it simpler for you to determine how much money you need to set aside to pay for your wedding rehearsal dinner.

Making the choice to host your rehearsal dinner at a buffet-style restaurant can be beneficial. Enjoy the efficiency, variety, and pre-determined price that a buffet can offer your rehearsal dinner in the future. Talk to a restaurant like Lotus Inn Restaurant to learn more.