The Secret To Making Your Child's Birthday Unforgettable: Ice Cream Cake, Delivered

The ice cream cake is a common way to go to the next level for a kid's birthday party because it's the best of both worlds wrapped into one. However, there are a couple of things that make ice cream cake hard to manage if you're already in the middle of putting on a birthday party for two dozen 10-year olds:

  1. The shape makes ice cream cake susceptible to melting, meaning if you don't get it in the freezer right after buying it, you risk a misshapen cake
  2. For larger parties, finding freezer space can be a struggle
  3. Mass-produced ice cream cakes can have icy centers and plastic-tasting frosting

In order to solve all of these problems in one fell swoop, the answer is simple: delivery ice cream cakes. 

Touch and Go

Delivery ice cream cakes mean that you can pinpoint exactly when you want to serve the cake so that it's still frozen when it hits the plates. This is music to the ears of anyone who has rushed home from the supermarket with a melting container of ice cream in the back of the car, only to break out dessert a few hours later and have it be misshapen and hard as a rock. 

No Storage Required

Freezer space is in short supply in many households, which can make it a challenge when something as big and unwieldy as an ice cream cake comes through the door. With a delivery ice cream cake, all that's needed is a spot on the table when the cake shows up. Simply going from store to table isn't possible when you're doing it yourself due to the  huge amount of pre-party planning that has to happen. Instead, getting a delivery will take the stress off of you so you can focus on the important things like making sure the pinata bat stays below head level.  

Quality is Key

Supermarket ice cream cakes are made on huge assembly lines and stored for months in industrial freezers before they make it to your plate, so the difference a specialty cake makes can be huge. Even elementary school-age kids will be able to tell the difference between a cake made in a small shop as opposed to a big company that makes ice cream cakes and a dozen other mass-produced products. Going made-to-order will give you even more assurance that your cake was made fresh, just for you. 

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