Three Great Dessert Options To Try When Catering Your Wedding

One of the best parts of any meal is the dessert. It is the highlight of almost any meal that you have, and catering is no exception. As you are looking at catering dessert for your wedding, here are some great options to try. These will allow your caterer to show off to your guests and make your event an incredible success.


A crepe bar is one of the funnest options you can select. You start with crepes that are made to order right in front of your guests' eyes. Your guests can then choose what toppings to put on their crepes. While you can put almost anything in a crepe, here are some of the most popular options:

  • vanilla pudding
  • chocolate pudding
  • hazelnut spread
  • creme fraiche
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • bananas
  • powdered sugar
  • caramel sauce
  • ice cream

Let your imagination run wild! You can also work with your caterer to create something unique for your special day.

Liege Waffles

Similar to a crepe bar, Liege waffles can be a great choice for your guests. While most people are familiar with a traditional Belgian waffle, Liege waffles have a thicker batter that is fortified with pearl sugar. As a result, they are fabulous for desserts. The same toppings that work well for crepes are also great on Liege waffles, so you can often have both of them at the same party. This allows your guests to pick and choose what they want from several dessert options without having to create multiple bar areas for the toppings

Hot Chocolate and Coffee Shots

People love hot beverages at dessert time. As a result, you can create a fabulous tasting area for your guests to try a variety of hot chocolates and coffees. While each beverage would start off with the same basic chocolate or coffee, your guests could customize their experience with some of the following additions from the flavor bar:

  • essential oils like lime, orange, peppermint, and cinnamon
  • flavor infused whipped creams like spearmint, pumpkin spice, and vanilla
  • candy add-ins like English toffee, candy cane, and mint chocolate
  • toppings like nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate, and cloves

Each serving of hot chocolate or coffee can be served in a 50 milliliter or smaller glass so that your guests can try multiple different beverages. As you mix and match your add-ins, you will have a different taste experience each time. 

As you look to cater your wedding, don't skimp on the desserts so that you and your guests will remember it for years to come. Talk to your caterer, such as Alpine Catering Ltd, for more information.